Building a Brand

Building Story Brands

Creating Brands that Makes You STAND TALL in today's market.

Brand impressions are crucial for businesses and organizations to establish a positive image and reputation in the market.

A Compelling Brand Story is Essential for Audience Connection!

By incorporating authenticity, relevance, and consistency into your brand’s story, you can create a powerful narrative that captivates your audience and establishes a meaningful connection with them.

An Authentic Brand Builds Credibility

An authentic brand story is genuine and true to the brand’s values and history reflecting the real essence of the brand and the people behind it.

A Relevant Story Captures Attention

We make your audience the hero of the story; showing them how your brand can solve their problems or enhance their lives.

Consistent Storytelling Vital for Recognition

Ensure that your story aligns with your brand identity, values, and messaging across all platforms and communication channels.

"Growing up, I was intrigued by how commercials were so persuasive in attracting my attention!"

Tawania McFadden, Managing Director

Our Services

Brand Starter

Essential Elements such as Logo Design, Color Palette Selection, Typography Choices, and Basic Brand Guidelines

Brand Elevated

Offering a Sophisticated and Comprehensive Package Designed to Elevate a Business's Visual Identity to New Heights

Ultimate Brand

An Ultimate Brand Paired with a Seamless Service Delivery System Ensuring a Top-Tier Customer Experience

Community Brand

Crafting a Brand that Resonates Authentically with the Community Leaving a Lasting Impact and Tells a Compelling Story

A Holistic Brand Bringing Beauty to the Surface skincare services

Eeyah Holistic Spa is a skincare spa with a need to develop a corporate brand that communicate a holistic spa that provides a wholesome experience. Brand standards were established for the corporate brand for consistency and to deliver the highest quality service to their valued customers.

Our Packages

Packages Start at $1,999

A brand starter kit serves as the foundational toolkit for businesses looking to establish a strong and cohesive brand identity. With clear guidelines, businesses can maintain a unified brand image, building credibility and resonance with their target audience from the outset.

Starting Package:

  • 90 Minute Brand Strategy Session
  • Primary Logo
  • Secondary Brand Marks
  • Color Palette
  • Pattern Design
  • Business Card Design
  • 3 Collateral Materials + SM Templates
  • Mini Brand Style Guide

An elevated brand kit transcends conventional branding, offering a sophisticated and comprehensive package designed to elevate a business’s visual identity to new heights. This premium package encompasses meticulous logo design, an exclusive and carefully curated color palette, bespoke typography, and advanced brand guidelines. By incorporating high-quality visuals, refined design elements, and exclusive brand assets, an elevated brand kit ensures a distinctive and memorable presence in the market, positioning the business as a premium and sophisticated entity that resonates with discerning consumers.

Starting Package:

  • Includes Brand Starter Kit
  • Three (3) Key Customer Personas
  • Company Brand Messaging
  • Five (5) Additional Collateral Materials
  • One (1) Company Slide Deck
  • Email Signature
  • 12-Page Brand Style Guide
  • One (1) Brand Swag

The ultimate brand kit, paired with a seamless service delivery system, is a transformative package that not only crafts a compelling visual identity but also integrates a strategic and efficient approach to customer interaction. This all-encompassing kit goes beyond traditional branding, offering a meticulously designed logo, an extensive and adaptable color palette, custom typography, and comprehensive brand guidelines. With the integration of a sophisticated service delivery system, businesses can not only present a visually stunning identity but also ensure a top-tier customer experience, setting the stage for sustained success and brand loyalty.

Starting Package:

  • Includes Brand Elevated Kit
  • Two (2) Additional Collateral Materials
  • Four (4) Brand Swags
  • eMarketing Template
  • 2 Wall or Vehicle Artwork
  • One (1) Signage or Package Design
  • Corporate Culture + Language Book
  • Service Delivery System

A community brand kit is a dynamic solution that extends beyond visual elements, incorporating thorough research, engaging events, and a strategic implementation plan. It begins with in-depth research to understand the community’s values and needs, ensuring the brand resonates authentically. Engaging events are seamlessly integrated, fostering a sense of community involvement and connection, while an implementation strategy aligns the brand with community values, creating a lasting impact and a brand that becomes an integral part of the community fabric.

Starting Package:

  • Municipal or Local Community Research
  • Engagement Plan and Strategy
  • Community Input Data Collection Tools
  • Customized Ultimate Brand Kit
  • Brand Implementation Plan

This package vary depending on community brand requirements and needs.

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